A Career in Social Work Help Kids, Seniors, At-Risk Youth, and More

If you dream of helping people and making a difference in the world, you can. Social workers help people with everyday problems, and some diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, or other issues. A degree in social work can lead to a fulfilling career and a rewarding job helping people. Your work will make a difference in your community.

If attending college is not an option, look into an online degree. In as little as two years, you can earn your social work degree and move into a well-paying and fulfilling career. The outlook for social workers is strong and you can take advantage of that expected growth.

Social Work


Social Work Degrees

There are two levels of social work degrees. The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is your first step. You’ll learn the concepts and skills you need to work in any area of social work. If you choose, you can follow your BSW with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW). You’ll specialize in an area of social work and may become licensed to practice, depending on your state’s requirements.

What Can I Do with a BSW?

With a BSW, you qualify for positions like behavioral management aide, case management aide, community outreach worker, juvenile court liaison, probation officer, or rehabilitation case worker. This is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you an idea of where you can work. If you are bilingual, you will have a foot in the door!

What Can I do with an MSW?

If you earn an MSW, your opportunities include more counseling and diagnostic work. Job titles include medical social worker, substance abuse counselor, child welfare case worker, school social worker, clinical mental health social worker, nursing home directors, hospice workers, psychiatric crisis screeners, and prison social workers.

Job Outlooks and Salaries

According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, social work employment opportunities are expected by grow by 16% between 2016 and 2026. This is faster than the average for all other occupations. As of 2017, the median annual wage was $47,980. Those employed by state governments earned an average of $53,670 a year.

Online Programs

Many state and private universities offer online social work degrees. Distance education is a major part of many schools and they deliver classes in a variety of ways. You’ll probably need dependable internet.

Online classes usually cost less than attending a physical university and there is financial aid available. Depending on your education level and how many classes are required by your chosen university, you can earn a degree in social work in as little as two years. Distance learning is a great option for parents, people who can’t pick up and move to a college town, and will allow you to work at your current job while you earn your degree.

Final Word

Where you will be in two years? On your way to a rewarding degree in social work or picking away at the same boring job? Make your choice and start the search for your online social work degree college today.