5 Smart Security Systems to Help Protect Your Home from Intruders

When you think of home security systems, it’s easy to dismiss them as something for paranoid people or celebrities. But with over 4,800 burglaries every day (that’s an average of one every eighteen seconds), home security systems are becoming the norm for every US citizen.

The best home security systems are undoubtedly smart security systems. These systems remove the need for human interaction which could equate to putting your life in danger, they’re affordable, fast and easy to install and use, and they can keep you connected to your system no matter where you are if any breach of security occurs. Below we will explore five of the best smart home security system options for you to consider.

Security Systems


Smart Alarm Systems

While working in a similar manner to a standard alarm system, the added beauty of a smart alarm system is that it eliminates the need for codes and control panels. Gone are the days of getting to work and wondering whether or not you remembered to set your house alarm. Simply check the app to set, unset and monitor your system from wherever you are.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are quickly replacing the key system of locking our homes. A simple tool in the wrong hands allows a standard lock to be picked quickly and easily, which leaves you with a huge security risk, no matter how careful you are about who may have a key to your home.

A smart lock works using a fully encrypted code. No code? No entry. This system not only makes you a less desirable choice to rob than someone with an easy to pick lock, it also removes the need to hide a spare key anywhere.

The more advanced systems come with cameras and notification software that will let you know anytime the camera picks anyone up on your property.

Fingerprint Locks

A fingerprint lock is similar to a smart lock in that it removes the need for a key to use to access the property. Rather than a code, the system uses the home owner (and any permitted users) to lock and unlock their doors with their fingerprints, making picking the lock an impossibility.

Smart Motion Detectors

These handy detectors can be used alone or in conjunction with some of the other security devices we mention. The smart motion detectors will detect any movement within your home and immediately notify you of such an event, no matter where you are.

Good smart motion detectors are fitted with thermal imaging and bodily size sensors, so you can rest assured that you won’t get a notification every time a bug makes its way into your home.

Video Doorbells

A video doorbell is exactly what the name implies – a doorbell with a recording device built into it. The recorded image is sent to your phone in real time so you can quickly check to see who is at your door.

The device will continue to record for a few seconds after the bell has been rung, allowing you to save the clip in case you need it to identify someone down the line. Some models even give you the option to alert the police immediately through the app if you feel endangered.


With the scary statistics for burglary across the US (approximately five robberies will have occurred while you read this article), the question really isn’t “do I need a smart home security system?”. Rather, the question is “which smart home security system(s) will work best for me?”

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