The Best Diet for Cats: Wet Food Vs Dry Food

As a responsible cat owner, it is part of your job to ensure you are feeding your cat a healthy, nutrient rich diet that suits their needs. And as a cat mom or dad, it stands to reason that you love your cat and want what’s best for them, and feeding them the right food can enable them to live a long and healthy life. As a cat parent, you have no doubt heard the ongoing debate about wet food vs dry food. But which side do you believe? How do you know what’s right for your furry friend?

Read on to find out the pros and cons of both kinds of food, allowing you to make an informed choice about what will best suit your kitty’s needs.

Cat Diet

Wet Cat Food – The Pros

  • Wet cat food is moist, meaning the texture of the food is consistent with the texture of the prey cats would eat if they were in the wild, making it more appealing to them
  • The wet cat food gives off a scent that cats find appealing. Like humans, a meal that smells appetizing is more likely to be eaten than one that doesn’t
  • The food has pieces of actual meat in which your cat will enjoy chewing on – this will also help to keep their teeth strong and healthy
  • Wet cat foods use formulas which make the cat crave more of it, meaning that they are much more likely to eat this kind of food regularly
  • Wet cat food contains 70-80% water which is important as it can help to keep your cat hydrated

Wet Cat Food – The Cons

  • Wet cat food is more expensive than dry cat food
  • This kind of food is fattier and might not be a good choice if your cat is overweight
  • It’s messier and less convenient than dry food and is more likely to leave behind an unpleasant odour

Dry Cat Food – The Pros

  • Dry cat food is generally a lot cheaper than wet cat food, so if budget is a big part of your choice, then dry food might be worth considering
  • Dry cat food can be good for a cat’s teeth if you choose the right one. Chewing the hard pieces helps to remove plaque from the teeth, which helps to prevent tooth decay and gum infections, although for this to have any benefit to your cat, you need to choose food with large pieces that your cat has to chew, otherwise cats tend to just swallow the pieces without chewing them

Dry Cat Food – The Cons

  • Dry cat food doesn’t contain as many nutrients or as much protein as wet cat food. Cats are natural carnivores, and protein and taurine are essential to them, particularly if your cat is very active
  • Some dry foods contain harmful fillers to bulk them out and keep them cheap – if you do choose to go down the dry cat food route, make sure you are choosing a reputable brand

So Which Is Really Better?

While the pros of wet cat food do seem to outweigh the pros of dry cat food, the truth is, it’s down to each individual cat owner to assess their pet’s needs and make sure they are meeting them. Make sure you do your research and go for the option that best suits you and your cat – regardless of what people on Facebook might say; they don’t know your cat like you do.

General Food Tips for Cat Owners

Whichever food you decide is right for your cat, make sure you do your research and make sure to monitor your cat and make sure they are alert and healthy. Choosing the right food can sometimes be a bit of a trial and error process. Below are some general tips to keep in mind when choosing food for your cat:

  • Choose a food that is specific to the age of your cat. There’s a reason that reputable pet food brands make different types of foods for kittens and senior cats as their nutritional needs are very different to each other.
  • Always make sure you check the ingredients list on your cat’s food. You might choose not to do this for your own food, but ultimately, that’s your choice. You are responsible for your cat’s diet, and as such, it’s important to know exactly what you are giving them. If there are ingredients on the list you don’t recognise, Google them and check they are safe for cats.
  • Make sure you are giving your cat enough food to suit their lifestyle. For example, a housecat will need less food than an active outdoors cat.

Do your research now and be confident that you have the knowledge to choose the best diet for your furry friend.

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