5 of The Best Cars for Seniors in 2020

It’s fair to say that the needs of a senior buying a car and the needs of a younger person buying a car are often much different. For a senior safety, comfort and ease of use are amongst the top priorities. For those reasons, a crossover model is often the best choice for a senior.

What is A Crossover?

A crossover is a new hybrid model of car that mixes the best of SUVs with the best of sedans, bringing you a perfect car with new and increased safety features, more comfort for both drivers and their passengers, and a high driving perspective helping with visibility.

Cars for Seniors


And the best part? A crossover comes with a particularly affordable price tag, making them all the more attractive. You will also find lots of deals on crossovers in various dealerships across the country, making them an even more enticing option for the savvy senior.

The deals tend to change monthly, so make sure to keep an eye on your favourite models and wait for the right price for you.

Below, you will find five of the best crossover models on the market right now:

1. The Nissan Rogue Sport

If you are thinking “but this model has been around for years”, then you’d be right. But the new 2018 model has made vast improvements on the older models with the attention particularly focused on the needs of seniors.

This comfortable model has a spacious interior, meaning more comfort for your passengers, and a more than capable engine. The Nissan Rogue Sport is ideal for short drives as it’s fitted with Nissan ProPILOT technology which helps you to handle the stopping and starting that comes with busy roads, helps to keep you in the right lane, and perhaps most importantly, incorporates technology that will help to keep your focus on the road.

2. The Hyundai Kona

A new model for 2018, the Hyundai Kona comes equipped with a simple to use infotainment system that is intuitive to your needs. It also features extra wide door openings which are perfect for anyone who has mobility issues. The Hyundai Kona also comes with all wheel drive, making it a great choice for all weather driving.

3. The Buick Encore

The latest model of the Buick Encore is a senior’s dream. Easy to handle and manoeuvre, this compact model comes with all of the latest innovations in safety technology. These include blind spot monitoring, warnings when you depart a lane and forward collision technology which senses if you get a little too close to the car in front. A perfect choice for those with safety at the top of their priorities list.

4. The Subaru Forester

The height of the Subaru Forester is one of its most attractive features – it is the perfect height to get in and out of without having to duck down. The height and the elevated driver’s seat and wide view wind shield make visibility easy and complete. This makes it a perfect choice for seniors.

The standard option infotainment system is simple to use and easy to learn. There are also the additional options to add safety features and all wheel drive, making this model a good all rounder.

5. The Kia Niro

Another higher model, the Kia Niro combines ease of access with plenty of space for the driver and the passengers, plus a large trunk for plenty of luggage for those seniors who want to explore a little further afield.

This model is particularly attractive to any seniors on a budget. As well as its low purchase price, the Kia Niro is very fuel efficient, saving you plenty of money to enjoy those jaunts out to see the country. The model is also a low emission model, making it a great choice for people who want to live greener lives without having to compromise too much on their lifestyle.

If you’re a senior looking for the best cars on the market for 2019, then a crossover model is definitely an option that you should be considering. What are you waiting for? Get comparing those models now and fall in love with your new car.